Plane trees of London

Record and diary

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27 July 2021

Added a new page on trees of Augustine Henry, and modified the link in the description of the tree.

17 May 2021

Moved to a new hosting provider, with three days down time. Edited the Augustine Henry page.

28 April 2021

Revised the introduction page, mostly style and presentation.

14 April 2021

Revisions of the botany page.

10 March 2020

A major rebuild during February and March 2020. This was due to the PHP component of the website having become unusable due to upgrades that this website did not track. The databases of trees and of external references are no longer working. The website has been modified as a static site with no database, fewer images for the moment. Much of the information on significant trees was removed as it was linked to the database. There has been some other cleanup.

Updated 'Cultivation' page with information on Massaria.

The list of trees, references and images will have to be added again.

28 October 2012

Added a statement on cookies to the index page.

28 June 2011

Added 'Other websites' page with related websites. Minor alterations to P. occidentalis page.

21 May 2011

Additions and corrections to fossils page. Reformatted index page.

25 October 2010

Minor changes to the page on cultivar 'Hackney'.

10 March 2010

Changes to meta tags.

5 December 2009

Added an article on the cultivar 'Palmata'; with links to it from the Hackney and the index pages, and some new images.

14 September 2009

Added a new index page with a direct link to the tree database.

Added the text of the Gardener's Chronicle article by Thomas Rivers.

9 September 2009

It's mostly live now, successfully, including the tree records database. There are a number of minor errors to be corrected. Many photos seem to have been lost.

6 September 2009

Completed rewriting of most sections of the original website. There is some information left out pending a new rewrite, such as the article on previous identification of some of the clones, and text of some old articles. An account of the software (hd3 system) needs to be added here.

Will request a domain transfer now which should make this website live, and remove the old one from public view. Should occur in the coming week.

26 August 2009

Completed a first rewrite of the taxon pages, except for photographs, and for links to the database. Wrote a new style sheet. This is still offline.

14 August 2009

Completed the first rewrite of the non-taxon pages, except for the cultivation page. A reasonably complete version of the database was ready by this time, to be linked from the static website. Still offline

July 2009

Started a complete rewrite of the entire website, to add material and to correct grammar and minor mistakes. There were a lot of minor errors in the rather hurried revision of 2007. This is still all offline.

20 February 2009

Repaired the index page. It was not clean xhtml transitional, as it was supposed to be.

19 January 2009

Replaced the links page with a dynamic page with data stored in a database. This means the search functions have gone.

29 August 2007

Added a bit more detail and a new pic to the Suttneri article.

Incorporated the search functions into the Links page.

25 August 2007

Added the search page, using Google custom search.

20 June 2007

Added some specimens of the Hackney Form to the specimens page.

Replaced all text pages on the old website with redirects to corresponding pages here.

Put up robots.txt and sitemap.xml pages.

16 June 2007

Added some new trees to the unknown forms (variants) list; Brookmill Park, Richmond, Highbury Fields.

27 May 2007

Added some external website links, mostly about parks and open spaces, rather than trees.

27 April 2007

Started adding or replacing some images, including new ones of flowers, taken in April.

20 Feb 2007

Added some content, including from Santamour and McArdle's checklist. Mostly on the botany page.

14 Feb 2007

Added some new links.

It's just over a month since this website went live, and most visitors are still going to the old site. So there is a marker now on all the important pages in the old site, saying that there are updated pages here.

3 Feb 2007

Minor rewriting and tweaking of several pages.

Found the linked article by Santamour and McArdle, 'Checklist of cultivated Platanus', published 1986. To be added to links collection.

27 Jan 2007

Revised Usage and Cultivation pages. Changed the html titles of several of the other pages. Published recent changes.

Found a reference to the tallest known London plane being at Bryanston School, Dorset, from Height given at 48.17m. See Wikipedia as well as

Carried out some estimation of tree heights, using a crude measurement of the shadows seen on Google maps satellite photos. For a comparison, a London double-decker bus was used, assumed to be 4.3m high. Estimated heights of the trees on the south side of the lake at St. James' Park was 36m. There were not that many other large trees to be found with measurable shadows, especially on winter photographs with shadows occupying a lot of space.

25 Jan 2007

Published revised photo pages for Digitata, Hackney Form, Westminster form, and Pyramidalis. Published this page.

Started to add minor links to the Links page.

23 Jan 2007

Added new photographs to the Digitata, Hackney Form, Westminster form, and Pyramidalis pages. Not published yet.

22 Jan 2007

Split the usage page into two new articles, Usage, and Cultivation. The usage article needs improving, with some more material on parks and street trees. Not published yet.

Found several plane trees listed at Trees for Cities or Great Trees of London. Those at Barn Elms and Friday Hill Chingford are new to me, need checking out at some time.

Found a method of making the SVG plan usable with Internet explorer, at Inline SVG but it needs to be rewritten with new SVG tags for ASV.

20 Jan 2007

Added some rewritten pages. Added also especially a rejigged copy of the SVG plans of Greater London page. This is an xml file, and is still only readable in Firefox or Opera.

12 Jan 2007

New website went live at It uses Google analytics for keeping track of usage statistics. The index page of the old site has been replaced with a link to the index page of the new site.

Brief history of the old site

The old website was created at the beginning of 2000, and remained with minor changes until 2006. In late 2006, I began rejigging and rewriting the content. This was published at the new website at, which went live on 12th January 2007. It was not finished then - there were more pages to be added after changes, more photographs to be included, and a fair bit of rewriting was needed.

The old site is intended to remain for some time, but the index page now has nothing but a link to the new site. All pages on the old website except the index page remain live.

Old statistics from Extreme tracking.

These are statistics for the old website. The counter was removed on 14 Jan 2007. It counted only the visitors to the index page, and hence understated the site's usage.

Counting since 15 February 2000. Average visitors per day 24. Highest per day 174, Sun 14 May 2006.

The content below for the old website was copied from Extreme tracking.

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 Other    240    0.38%  
 AOL 4    173    0.27%  
 MSIE 3    26    0.04%  
 WebTV 1    11    0.01%  
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 Other    1151    1.83%  
 Linux 2    380    0.60%  
 WebTV    35    0.05%  
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 AIX    3    0.00%  
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 OS/2    3    0.00%  
 OSF1    1    0.00%  
 Windows 91.32%  -  Mac 6.12%  -  Unix 0.65%  -  Other 1.89%