Plane trees of London

Platanus orientalis 'Minaret'

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Foliage image

Foliage seen from below

This clone has been planted in several locations in recent years. No mature trees of this have been found, the largest being about 9m high.

The leaves are somewhat smaller than in most planes, and fairly deeply cut. The leaves are wider than long, typically 23 cm wide by 19 cm long. The earlier leaves are three lobed or with indistinct outer lobes, while the later summer leaves are clearly 5 lobed.

The fruits are usually 3 to 5 on each peduncle. The fruits are up to 40 mm across. Peduncles are about 12-15cm long to the first fruit, 25-28cm long in total length. The branch peduncles are very short, and the fruit therefore usually encloses the main peduncle completely.

The commonly available clone Platanus orientalis 'Digitata' is very similar in foliage, and may be confused with it. As described here, 'Minaret' appears to have leaves that are more symmetrical ,and with the outer lobes at approximately right-angles to the petiole, whereas in 'Digitata' the outer lobes tend to point forward, and the leaf is more likely to be assymmetric. The fruits of 'Minaret' are borne on shorter stems, and the individual fruit balls are set closer together on a stem.

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