Plane trees in London

These pages describe plane trees (Platanus), as grown in London.

Decorative tiling

Plane leaf decoration on a
subway wall near Hyde Park

Introduction; Botany; Usage; Cultivation; Identification

Distinct recognised plane tree forms found in London -

Other species, clones and names - including 'Cuneata', 'Mirkovec', 'Tremonia', P. racemosa, P. wrightii, P. kerrii

Variants and clones found in London that have not been identified with one of the names above.

The cultivar 'Palmata'. On the forms of plane tree previously known by this name.

Grotesque and unusual forms Some trees with unusually shaped trunks.

Photographs of timber, and of fossils .

External links; references; other related websites.

A small database of some notable or interesting plane trees. A description of the database is here.


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